When they had read it, they rejoiced over its encouragement. Acts 15:31

I do not remember a time when I didn’t know how to read, it has been that long. Aside from the time I spent in hospital, I read at least a chapter of a book every night before I go to sleep. I read all sorts of books, but love fiction and have a real taste for horror, especially by my favourite author Stephen King. I’ve read every book he has written except for the latest couple. I also absolutely love the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.

Now I know that none of these books will get the stamp of approval by my church, but I love to read and I read things that I love. I also read the Bible and read some Bible accompaniments also, but I spend most of my reading time in books for pure enjoyment. Right now I am reading the “Earth’s Children “ series by Jean M. Auel, which you may know better by the first book which is Clan of the Cave Bear. This is a fun series of historical fiction, something I’ve never ventured into previously.

As I said, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know how to read, but I know who to credit for my love of reading. When I was very young, my mom used to leave me with my grandfather. I would sit on his lap and he would read to me, or have me read to him. It would eventually end with him falling asleep on the chair. I can remember sitting quietly while he snored away. When I was old enough to go to school I was already well advanced over many of the other children with my reading abilities, and the teacher had me helping the other children with their reading.

I can remember other times in school, in about grade seven when my English teacher told us how important all the parts of a book are. From the copyright page to the appendix and everything in between. All the words were written by someone and deserved to be read. The other thing she stressed was to never fold over a page to mark your place, always use a bookmark, and I still do that to this day. And to not place a book opened face down ever as this will break its spine. This is something I really dislike seeing people do.

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For me books are things to be respected and treated as such all the time. They shouldn’t be thrown around, they shouldn’t be doodled upon or in. They shouldn’t be tossed away, instead they should be gifted to someone else or donated to somewhere that can use them. My library collection is huge, although I am trying to cut it down. It’s really hard to part with some of them though as they’re like old friends. They wake up my imagination in a way that no movie ever can do.

Very rarely has a good book been turned into a good movie. The Shawshank Redemption based on the novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption is a rare exception, especially for movies based on Stephen King’s writings. But even that classic takes away from our abilities to imagine what the author was writing about. Reading Treasure Island conjures up visions of pirates on the high seas, Watership Down gives us the secret lives of rabbits, or Hitchhikers Guide to. The Galaxy takes is to the restaurant at the end of the universe. All of this is so much better in our imagination.

I pity people who don’t like to read. Whether you read for pleasure or education is purely up to you, but I promote reading for everyone. It’s ironic that I am writing this in February because I just realized it is I Love to Read Month, a time when local celebrities go to schools and read to the children in an attempt to bring the excitement of reading to a new generation. Maybe one of those young minds will be locked to reading in the same way that I am.

And one of the things I like to stress is that I am old school completely. I love the feel and the smell of a book. I love to turn the pages, I even love the occasional paper cut that I get. I just love books. I’m not a fan of ereaders or reading on apps. I’ve done it and can appreciate how versatile they are, but for me I just like the book!

So tell me, are you a reader? What kind of books do you read? How many books do you own? When was the last time you were in a library? Do you fall into the enchanting world when an author pulls off a classic? Or do you just read the occasional posting in a blog?

God bless

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