[Presented in church September 29th 2018]

Today I am doing just a short verbal presentation about our vacation to Silver Hills Guesthouse and Spa in Lumby, BC.  This is a hidden gem in the Rocky Mountains.  Judy and I spent 12 days and loved every second of it.  From the moment we arrived, we were treated like family, and never once felt like a guest. We were treated to the best vegan foods, massage treatments, health lectures, and trail hikes during our stay, and on top of that we also got to meet many other guests who were experiencing the same things that we were.

At the end of the video presentation we’re about to watch, I’ll share the recipes that we were given during our stay.  The video starts at Mount Robson, BC, moves down to Mabel Lake, BC and then the remainder is taken at or around the Silver Hills Guesthouse.

I took in excess of 500 pictures during our stay, and I tried to share the best and give a good snapshot of our experience.