Another Year

Today, November 7th 2018 marks the fourth anniversary of my release from jail. But is life normal?  It is certainly more normal than the past three years, but normal is relative!

Over the past four years, since my actual release from jail on November 7th 2014, I’ve certainly seen major changes in how the justice system has been dealing with me, and for the most part, I’m now free and clear from most restrictions and the reporting requirements that were imposed upon me on my release.

When I was first released, because I had gained an early release (as detailed in Home Again) I had some special requirements placed upon me until my actual release date had past.  These involved no consuming or access to alcohol at all (not an issue), not travelling more than 100km from my residence, and a curfew from 11:00pm to 7:00am where I must be at home and could be verified by the RCMP at any time!  That month took forever to pass, but eventually it did, and those restrictions lifted.

As part of my release and probation for the first three years I was required to report to my probation officer on a schedule established by her.  Initially I was required to report in person or by telephone on a weekly basis. I had to detail my activities over the week and detail any special activities that I had planned ahead.  Eventually this weekly reporting was lightened and I was to report on a bi-weekly basis either in person or by telephone.  After about a year of this schedule, I was finally down to a monthly visit with my probation officer with no in between telephone call.  

During the initial first few months, the restrictions were such that working would have been impossible, but eventually the restrictions lifted enough so that I could do the one thing I really enjoyed, rolling down the highway behind the wheel of a semi!  But there were still other things that made life difficult.

As part of my sentence and restrictions I had no access to internet or smartphones and being away from home this made life difficult.  For one thing I had this story brewing inside of me that I wanted to tell, but had no way to get it out there.  For another, the use of technology is rampant in our society and being able to access even something like Google Maps was impossible!  All around me I saw people using fancy smart phones and all I had was a nasty small flip phone!

But I made do, and got through that too and about a year ago I finally got access to an iPhone and moved into the new millennium! And for the most part at the end of those three years, most of my restrictions and requirements have disappeared. (Continued below)

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There are still two that remain though, and their both very frustrating.  My travel to the USA is forbidden and probably will be forever!  The USA and Canada report criminal activity between both countries (in my opinion a violation of privacy) and therefore travel to the USA is not available.  Most other countries have no issue with travel, but the USA digs in its heels and forbids it.  Canada for the most part returns the gesture and forbids Americans with a criminal record from travelling here too.  It really doesn’t matter how big or small the crime is, as people with “pot” offenses quickly realize when trying to cross the border.  But it is what it is, and I have to live with it.

The other ongoing requirement is that I must report annually to the RCMP telling them where I live, work, what I drive, etc.  During my latest report, the officer and I had a very detailed and fun discussion about the total waste of his and my time this was! Most of what I was telling him was on the sheet in front of him and we couldn’t understand why we were both in the room.  But that’s the way of the government and we jump through hoops to keep them happy.

I am not a risk to anyone, and never was. I did some things I am not proud of, and I pay for them daily.  My faith in God gets me through each day and I pray that each day is better than the previous one.  I think I have it pretty good, some people’s dark lives continue, but mine is in the past and I thank God for that. I take each restriction as a challenge and move ahead.

Four years have past since I left jail, and its all just a very distant memory now.

God Bless.

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  1. It’s certainly a frustration when government authority assumes greater control over our lives regardless of the cause. Like you, i also have been denied entry into the USA and expect that not to change. I miss the joy of seeing the few friends there and also some of the amazing countryside that our friends to the south have been blessed with.

    May you remain strengthened through your continuing ordeal and in your efforts to help others come to Yahshua the Messiah. I find your posts helpful even though i don’t respond to them all.

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