Results of my rapid test

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder what is going on, and sometimes you just have to accept it. Over the last three years I have gone through a life changing illness with Guillain Barre Syndrome(GBS) which took me from a relatively healthy person to one who struggles with a disability. But I accept it all as part of God’s plan. I’ve come to terms with having GBS and the changes it has brought to my life and hopefully I can encourage others as I share My Testimony.

My wife and I recently took a trip to Edmonton Alberta to visit our middle son, a boy we hadn’t seen in over two years. It was a trip we really looked forward to and really enjoyed the time we spent with him. It was a good test for me also as I had to drive 12 hours to get there. This was the longest trip I’ve taken since before I got GBS. It was also our first out of province trip since August 2019.

Our weekend with our son went great and on the way home we stopped in Saskatoon and had a meal with another relative who we had not seen in many years, so the trip was a full out win completely. I did have a couple of concerns as Alberta has been resistant to many of the Covid control measures and vaccination numbers in Alberta are lower than the rest of Canada.

About a week and a half later I developed a cough, sore throat and the sniffles. The sore throat was worst overnight and it kept me awake because swallowing was so painful. I found that a warm drink in the morning took the pain out of my throat and allowed me to get through the day. As many of you know I work in customer service for Rogers Telecommunications and spend 8 hours answering phone calls, helping people with issues and making changes to their service. I struggled with working as talking was difficult as it would irritate my throat and cause coughing and scratchiness to occur. I had some remedies, but they were only mildly effective.

I decide that maybe, just maybe, I should check myself for Covid. We picked up a couple of rapid tests and sure enough mine came back positive, while my wife’s came back negative. I’ve been double vaccinated, while she has had four shots. So it looks like all those boosters are actually doing their job. I’m still not convinced enough though to go get the rest of my boosters right now and will instead just let this run its course.

I am not going to discount this illness at all because it still has very serious consequences for many people, but I will say that it seems that I have a very mild case of it. I only got checked because the test was available, but otherwise I was fully prepared to just let this illness run its course. It just feels like a bad cold with all the same symptoms and so I am treating it as such. Lots of fluids and Vitamin D!

I was really worried about Covid at the start as many of us were, but since then I have changed and feel that we need to get a little bit of the bug to build up immunity and I think that this contact will help me to do just that. I don’t think we will ever see the end of Covid, I think it’s part of our lives now. I think that as we see the seasonal flu, we’ll also see Covid and just learn to accept it. Some will get vaccinated and others won’t, some will get sick and others won’t. But I think for the most part it’s just something that is now part of our lives going forward.

Remember that God has promised in 1st Corinthians 10:13 that He will never give us more than we can bear. We must accept these trials and use them to strengthen our faith and know that He is there with us as long as we trust in Him.

God bless

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