My Testimony

Silver Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church – July 2nd 2022

So it has been a long, really long time since my last post and I think it is time to change that, so today I am adding a post and sharing where I’m at in my recovery, my life and finally sharing an incredible experience where I shared my testimony. In my last posts I had indicated that I was pausing my blog to write a book. Unfortunately writing a book was a much more difficult thing than I ever thought it would be. I have started it and have written a lot, but I’m stuck and not sure how to continue. I’m hopeful, after some kind words and support, that I can get myself back into that mode.

My healing has plateaued. I use a cane for balance when I leave my house, but if I am in a place where I am comfortable and relaxed, I am able to set the cane to the side and walk with confidence. Recently I took a road trip to Edmonton Alberta and drove about 12 hours each way. It was tiring, but I accomplished it. In November 2021 I began to work from home for Rogers Telecommunications and I work in the billing and account support area. I am working full time and it feels good to be back doing something productive again. I work evenings Sunday to Thursday, so I am able to get my Sabbath off.

I had a very exciting experience lately and I really want to share it. On Saturday July 2nd 2022 I travelled to Winnipeg to attend church at Silver Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church. The pastor of this church, Pastor Emile Maxi, had visited me many times while I was in hospital, and as I will share in a little bit, played a huge part in a specific recovery. While I was in hospital his church members, who had never met me, were praying for my recovery. This visit to the church was to thank them and share my testimony.

As I said Pastor Maxi played a big part in my recovery. Prior to my going to the ICU and being intubated, he asked if there was something specific he could pray for, and my immediate response was to pray for the recovery of my hands. Soon after I was intubated and then given a tracheotomy and I lost the use of my voice. As I lay in bed unable to speak I thought about that prayer and wondered if I should’ve prayed for my voice instead. But in thinking I realized that if I gained the use of my hands I could do so much more and I could even learn to speak with my hands, and so I felt the prayer was perfect.

As my recovery began, the first thing that I recovered was my hands, and before long I was using my cell phone to communicate with nurses, doctors and friends & family by texting my requests and questions to them. Everyone, especially the doctors, were amazed at how well I could type and text considering the condition of my body. But it was through prayer and God’s grace that He gave me that recovery because I had absolute faith that He would heal me.

So as I said I shared my testimony with the church members. I had advised the Pastor that my testimony would last between 35 to 40 minutes, but I believe I surpassed that. Standing at the front of the church was empowering and in sharing my testimony of recovery, I could see on people’s faces the joy in seeing God’s grace in action. At the end of my testimony I was greeted by the church members and was thanked over and over again for sharing my story.

This day was one of the greatest days of my life. To see the people’s reaction was fantastic and uplifting. I am reaching out to other churches to see if they’d be interested in hearing my testimony also. We read the many stories in the Bible, but I believe that hearing of miracles first hand gives us the opportunity to know that God is still working in all of us.

I’m still hoping to get back into writing my book. I’ve also taken up more responsibility at our small church. Every few weeks I teach a lesson and I’m now stepping well out of my comfort zone and will be doing a couple of sermons in the coming months. God is still working with me, giving me physical and spiritual strength to continue to move forward. Trust in Him and he will do for you also.

God bless


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