Let He Who Is Without Sin…

Sin is all around us, spend five minutes watching television, or surf the internet for a little while and you’ll see all sorts of sins in many forms. The television news is a daily round-up of sin and websites glorify the sins of others. Our world has become a hotbed for sin, and its getting worse every day.

But I also know many people who claim to lead sinless lives, and in doing so are quick to point out the sins of others. Or they claim that if they do sin, that their sins are not as bad as your sins. Well I beg to differ on both counts. To begin with the Apostle Paul quite plainly points out in Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” So to claim that you are sinless is impossible. We sinned from the moment we were born, but all is not lost, God gave us His son to redeem us from our sins, if we choose to follow Him. (John 3:16)


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Have you heard the news? February is going to be a dry month!

And no, I’m not talking about the weather… I’ve decided to clear my head and go dry for Feb! That means that for the full 28 days of February. In February I’ll be avoiding alcoholic beverages completely in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. I’m looking for donations to support the cause.

Any donation is a good donation, so head to http://www.dryfeb.ca/users/paul-croft and send any spare change my way!

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Jesus was the only sinless man to walk on earth, He could have sinned, and was tempted by Satan to sin, but He chose not to be turned, and in doing so, He completed His commission to save us. If He had been turned to sin by Satan, then He would have failed and been unable to redeem our sins, because the Lamb of God needed to be pure and unblemished as told in Exodus 12:5 “Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year:” (Now before we get hung up on this being an Old Testament verse and it not being relevant today, its very relevant because the sacrifice and Holy Mansion of the Old Testament points directly to Jesus and the Holy Mansion that is being prepared for us in Heaven!)

So Jesus was pure and unblemished and therefore was a perfect, sinless sacrifice for our sins. And because He was sinless, only He could judge another person on their sins. But did He? To find the answer to that we must look to the Gospel of John 8:1-11I’ll paraphrase these verses but you can click the link to view the actual words. Jesus come across a group of scribes who had caught a woman in adultery. (Interestingly enough there is no mention of the man involved.) The penalty for adultery was stoning and the men tasked Jesus against the scriptures as to why the woman shouldn’t be stoned to death. Jesus knew the law, but He also knew love and compassion, so in the way that only Jesus could, He turned it around on the scribes and declared, “He  that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” And then He looked down at the ground. When He looked back up, He saw only the woman and Himself standing there, the scribes knowing that they were sinners too, had all left. Jesus was the only sinless one, and He refused to condemn her, instead He forgave her and let her live.

God doesn’t look at the type of sin or the quantity or quality of sin, God looks at all sin as equal. This is hard to take for some people who think that a murderer’s sin is much worse than someone who steals an apple, but in God’s eyes they’re equal because they’re both against God’s law. So remember, when you condemn someone for a sin that they’ve committed, look back upon yourself and your life to see what sins you have committed. While in your mind they may not be as bad as my sins, or your neighbour’s sins, in God’s eyes they are equal and you need the same forgiveness.

And as I have pointed out previously, forgiveness is not always fair in our minds. But God wants us to join Him in Heaven, and so forgiveness is available to everyone, even the worst of society, if they choose to accept Him.

So as you know, I’ve put my sins out in full display through this blog, and in doing so I’ve opened myself to judgement, but in doing so I also hope that others see that there is hope. I’ve put all my faith in my Lord and Saviour, have you?

God Bless

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