God’s Gifts – Day 20


A wonderful gift from God is memories.  The ability to learn things, meet people, see beautiful places and then recall them in our minds and relive them again.  It would be so sad if all our experiences were lost from our minds as soon as we experienced it.  If  the things we learned in school were gone and we had to relearn it over and over again.  If reading the Bible was only in our mind for the moment we read it and immediately it was lost from our minds when we closed it.

But God knew that we would want to remember and share the things we learned and experienced and therefore He gave us a vast mind to store our experiences and the ability to recall and share them with others.  

Some people have greater ability to remember and recall, and unfortunately as we age, we lose some of our memories, but the ability to remember is a wonderful gift.

Memories of people and things past are a gift from God, and so is Hope which comes tomorrow.

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