God’s Gifts – Day 13

Free Will

Almost since the beginning of time, man has been debating the issue of sin.  If God’s ultimate plan was for us to all reside in the Garden of Eden and join Him in heaven, why did He allow sin to cause His plan to derail?  Mainly because God gave us free will to choose our destiny.  

Would you rather live in a country where the government tells you how to live (a dictatorship) or live in a country where you have the right to decide your fate (a democracy)?  Most of us would choose the latter. We like to have that control.  

Well God gave us that right too, and we chose to sin.  It was God’s love that allowed us to make that choice and its God’s love that allows us to choose our ultimate fate.  To follow Him into eternal life, or follow sin to ultimate death.

Its our free will to choose, and tomorrow we’ll learn about the beautiful gift of Heavenly Skies.

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