God’s Gifts – Day 10

God’s Paintbrush

God shows us His amazing abilities in everything around us.  Each and every day, we see new and more beautiful things that He has created.  As the seasons change, his paintbrush works very hard and shows us His marvelous works.

We’ll start with winter, when the trees are sleeping and many animals are hibernating, but beauty is still all around us. A fresh blanket of pure white snow in a bare forest is beautiful.  Unblemished except for the tracks of a lonely winter creature.

We then move to spring, as life begins to return and awake around us.  Beautiful flowers spring from the ground and new leaves bloom onto the trees.  Blossoms appear and all around us there are joyful colours for us to enjoy.

Summer arrives and with it the hot sunshine.  Flowers are in full bloom, fruit trees begin to produce fruit.  Vegetable gardens are starting to produce also.  The farm fields are in the final stages of growth and harvest is about to begin.

And finally we see God’s paintbrush working hard in the fall season.  Unimaginable colour is everywhere around us as the trees show vast reds, yellows, oranges, etc as their leaves start to fall to the ground.  Life is slowly begining to go to sleep, but not before we get to enjoy God’s handiwork.

The four seasons are a gift from God, and so is His Law, which comes next.

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