Three Miracles

God is good! He is and I could close this post right now and be satisfied because that covers it! God is good! Hopefully you know by now my story, or the two stories. One my jail story and how I became a Christian which starts right here: My Journey Begins which tells the story of how I found a Bible while I was in jail and began the great transition that changed my life. But there is also the other story. The story of how I got a major illness that nearly killed me and how I have gradually recovered from that illness through the grace of God! That story begins here: GBS and me.

And that is where we are at today. My stories are uplifting and sharing them is uplifting also. I started my blog back in January 2018 to tell my jail story and to share my thoughts on God and religion. I thought that was the story that God wanted me to tell. I got a banner for the back of our vehicle advertising my blog and had cards printed that I handed out and placed on tables and in bathrooms at truckstops. I loved to talk about how God was working in my life and how a chance encounter with a Bible in jail made me a better person.

The banner on the back of our SUV.
My business cards that I pass out or leave on tables or in bathrooms.

So I got sick with a major illness and spent seven months in hospital recovering. When I left my home on a sunny August morning I never imagined that summer would end and most of winter would be behind us before I would return home. It is unimaginable even today after going through it. But God always had a plan. And that plan is in place.

I know God wants me to share my story and how He healed me. I will always have residual effects from my illness. I struggle with balance and fatigue and my feet tingle all the time, especially when I am really tired. But I can walk and talk, which for quite a while I was unable to do both. And being able to walk and talk gives me the ability to share my story. And share it I do!

I have a testimony that I share called Three Miracles which tells the story of two people that I encountered in hospital and the story of my miraculous recovery. I also throw in a bonus miracle, which could be a story all on its own. Each time I tell this testimony I get a blessing and people come to me and tell me they get a blessing also. This past Sabbath, January 21st, i shared my testimony at the largest Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Conference. I have no idea how many people were there, but it was a lot. And it was also live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

The story of Three Miracles from Henderson Seventh-Day Adventist Church January 21 2023

The response that I got was incredible and it gave me the idea that I need to share this story more. I’ve shared in a number of Adventist churches in Manitoba, but have now decided it needs to be told elsewhere. Whether that be in churches of other denominations or at other events in general. While this is a religious based presentation, there is NO REASON that it could not be used at any event as a joyous recognition of how God continues to work in the world and in our lives.

If you’d like to know more about how I could be booked to speak at your church or event, please contact me at or visit my Facebook Page

I’d love to meet you, I’d love to tell my story, and it’s possible that you will be transformed by the miracle that God performed in my life to allow me to tell my story and glorify Him!

God bless.

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