Get together

But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children— Psalm 103:17

These past few years have been rough on our family as I am sure they have been rough on yours. Through the Covid pandemic we’ve all been forced to keep distant from those we love. This has caused much distress and discomfort on everyone.

We have been luckier than some though. We haven’t had to suffer the loss of any family members as many people have. These families had to mourn in private and family members passed away without family members present or even having the opportunity to say goodbye. I really feel for all of those people who had to experience that. But still, even without that loss, the separation was difficult.

Just recently, however, our family was able to get together for the first time in almost three years. During my illness in 2019-2020 we had a short visit at Christmas time, but this was in a hotel room and lasted just a couple of hours. I wasn’t in ideal condition and the venue was far from ideal. It did allow some time to be with our children and grandchildren, but as I said it was far from ideal.

Finally though we arranged a weekend when we could all make it and it was a special time. Our family has had many struggles over the past few years, some of them documented in this blog, and getting through them has been difficult. But it seems as though we’re beginning to put these things behind us and moving forward.

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We also had a very special experience that happened during this weekend get together. I had the opportunity to present my testimony at a local church. Although my wife and I have a very strong faith, the rest of my family does not share in our faith. But we invited our children and my dad to attend the church for my testimony and they all attended. They knew most of what I had gone through during my illness but now they got to hear how God worked on me to heal my broken body. They got to see how strong my belief is and how others in our faith trust in Him also.

But the weekend was much more than just that. It was the chance to all be together, see how we have grown and changed, especially the grandchildren. It was the time to talk and share what has happened during this time away. It was a time to just get back to being a family again. This has been so difficult for all of us over the last few years.

Another difficult part is that once your children grow up and become adults, they move away and some live quite a distance and so getting together is even more difficult. But not this time, that distance was put aside and we all came together. We ate together, we shared stories, we made plans, and we were just a family again. Something that we really needed to do.

The pandemic is far from over and the results will be with us for a long time, but for one weekend we were able to put it aside and do things together. We renewed the vital relationships that we all need and maybe started some new ones. Hopefully you and your families are able to begin to do that also.

God bless.

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