Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word. Psalm 148:8

One of the most powerful forces of nature is a thunderstorm! The power packed in each lightening bolt is immense. I’ve seen pictures and videos of trees that have been struck by lightening and they are pulverized instantly. It’s scary how much energy is being released there.

I live on the prairies of Canada and we experience massive thunderstorms throughout the summer and they are sometimes quite scary. The bright flash of lightening followed by the loud crash will sometimes rattle the windows in our house. Our cats will run for cover because they do not understand what is happening, but they don’t like it. Sometimes I feel like hiding with them!

If we could harvest the energy in one lightening bolt we could power a whole city and save millions of dollars. We could also provide power to far reaching places that either cannot afford or have no access to create electricity. It could reform how we power our world.

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The power of our God, however, is much more powerful than a single lightening bolt! He spoke the whole universe into existence! He used his voice to create everything, including thunderstorms! Everything we see, touch, smell and hear was spoken into existence, except for one thing!

That one thing is man! Did you know that God didn’t speak man into existence in the same way he spoke of everything else? Genesis 2:7: And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. He didn’t speak these words, God got down into the dirt and dust and with his own hands he formed man and then he breathed the breath of life into him.

Man is special above all the other creatures of the earth because we all have a piece of God inside us. We all contain the breath of life from God and we were all formed from the dirt of the earth. God wanted Man to be special and to have dominion over the whole earth. And while we do have dominion, in many ways we have abused God’s creation. But that is for another day!

We should feel special that God wanted that one on one connection to us. He wanted us to be formed in His image, formed with His hands. Nothing else on earth holds that claim!

So remember the next time you experience the power of a scary thunderstorm with lightening and thunder crashing all around you, that there is a much more powerful force at work. A force with the power to create a universe, but also the gentle power to create you with His own hands.

God bless.

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