Guns vs Abortions

And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.1 John 4:16

So let me first preface this by saying I love the American people, but I dislike America! I always have because I just cannot wrap my hands around some of the policies in the USA. It’s mid-term election time in the USA and these issues are being put on display and it brings the spotlight onto issues that people believe are important.

Because we in Canada live so close to the USA much of our media, especially television comes from the USA and therefore it has a huge influence over us, unfortunately. Sadly I probably know more about what is happening in the USA than I do about Canada. Until recently I was a newshound, but various happenings in the world made me turn off the news so I am not as current as I used to be or really want to be, but I just find that watching the news is too depressing and so I shut it off.

So this leads me open to the influence of USA television programs and commercials. As I stated above it is election time in the USA, which it always seems to be. As I watch these commercials I see two issues repeated over and over again, abortions and gun control. The Democrats support more gun control but want abortions to be fully and openly available, while the Republicans want free access to guns but no access to abortions, or at least that is my take on what I see in the ads.

If I was a USA citizen and was voting in this election I would have a great difficulty making a choice as I have issues with both of these and neither party would support my views on both. In Exodus 8:13 we are told “Thou shalt not kill”. This is one of the Ten Commandments, but even as a non-believer it is one of the moral laws that we should all live by. Now I know that guns do not kill people, people kill people, but with that said I see no reason for any individual to purchase and own assault rifles as they have no reasonable use other than to kill people! No one, I repeat no one is using an assault rifle to go hunting, no matter what you are hunting. (Editor’s note: if you want to prove me wrong on this, my comments are open or email me at

So that brings me to abortion. First off I will repeat Exodus 8:13 above. God tells us not to kill! Abortion is murder in every sense of the word. But I’ll take a small step back and say that there are a few times when abortion may be justified, but open and free abortion, IMHO, is an absolute travesty! When abortion is used as birth control we have serious problems! I don’t care about “my body, my rules”! If it’s your body then you need to be more careful with it. As I said above there are a few times when abortion may be justified, like when the mother is in serious danger of dying, or in cases of rape or incest. There may be other times, but in all honesty I’d really have trouble accepting abortion for most reasons.

I know this post is controversial and is probably going to cause some upset amongst you. I am purposely not sharing which side of the political spectrum I stand on, but honestly with these two issues it doesn’t matter because neither party would fully support my views. Where you stand is not important to me either, as the most important this is to love each other first and foremost. We need to put our political differences aside.

I created this post to open up the discussion and hopefully spur you to investigate and vote according to your conscience and not just along political lines.

God bless

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