Baby Robins

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Genesis 1:28

It is often said that “The Lord works in mysterious ways” in relation to an event that can’t be explained. Well we saw a little miracle this summer that can only be described by using that phrase.

In July Judy and I rented a motorhome and went away to a Whitesands Camp, a camp owned and operated by our church conference. Two years ago I was baptized in the river on the final Sabbath of camp. It was a wonderful decision to be baptized in a river because Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. Immediately upon coming out of the water I felt new, clean and reborn. It’s like the Holy Spirit descended upon me as it did to Jesus when He was baptized. (Matthew 3:16-17)

We’ve returned to the camp every year since that first visit in 2015, but this was the first year we spent the whole week there. In addition to the various speakers and presentations there are also fun activities for all ages. In fact the first Sunday of camp is designated as a family fun day. Since it’s an Adventist camp we worship and rest on the Sabbath (Saturday) according to the Ten Commandments, specifically #4. So we have that Sunday open for pure fun and play. This was the first year I have been to take part and did a 5km (3 mile) walk first thing in the morning and then enjoyed watch kids and some adults take part in various activities which culminated in a large water balloon fight on a very warm day.

Having a major illness like Guillain Barré Syndrome takes its toll on people in multiple ways. Unexpected expenses arise for which there is no coverage. In addition, even though I had income protection, it doesn’t provide full income, and yet the bills continue. We’d appreciate any donation to our cause, no matter how small that amount is.

Go Fund Me – Paul Croft (GBS)

After spending just over one week surrounded by like minded people and speakers, I come away feeling refreshed and revitalized in my faith. We got to renew old friendships and make new ones too and it’s all in a stress free, alcohol free, drug free, judgement free environment.

But this year, in addition to all of the above, we also had robins. “Robins??!!” You say, explain? And I will, and it’s a beautiful story that proved to many of us that God was working in our presence.

Our camp meetings and prayer services take play in a large metal clad auditorium with large garage style roll up doors on either end and regular doors on the front and back. During a couple weeks prior to our camp meeting, pastors, staff, and volunteers attended to get the camp ready for all the arriving guests. At some point during that time, a pair of robins built a nest over top of one of the projectors that are used to put videos and bible verses onto the screens. When the guests began to arrive in early July, the three baby robins had hatched.

During our attendance in the auditorium the parents would fly back and forth all the time. In and out of the doors bringing food to their babies. These parents were very attentive and their babies were being raised in a relatively safe environment. It was interesting during break times, when the auditorium was quiet, you could hear the babies responding to their parents by chirping and raising their mouths to be fed. Over the next week we all got quiet attached to our “family” of robins. But we were about to witness a miracle.

The final day of camp meeting occurs on the second Sabbath of July. We have baptisms down in the lake (weather permitting), a talent show, and a final church service, before everyone prepares to head towards home on Sunday morning. But the robins (and God) had one final treat for us. During the final service one of the babies flew, or fell from the nest and landed on the shoulder of a audience member. Needless to say that caused a little bit of a distraction and excitement. Not long after, a second baby made a much better escape and landed in the rafters. And finally the third baby made its escape and landed on the top of a door frame after missing its exit through the doorway. It was quickly rescued by an audience member who caught it and released it into a tree outside.

As we finished up the final service with song and praise, God has finished up the parents job with their babies. As we were preparing to leave the camp, they babies left their nest and hopefully into a long and fruitful safe life in the big world. It was satisfying to all of us that “our” robins were leaving just as we were and that they had enjoyed our presence as much as we’d enjoyed theirs.

Our God does work in mysterious ways and provided us with a unique opportunity to share our praise with a family of robins. I’ll never for the joy we had watching them over the week and seeing them successfully depart as we did. We watched new life in the people baptized, and again with the birds. And it was a joy to see.

God bless.

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