Fresh Air

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed life into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being

That verse from Genesis 2:7 is the completion of Man’s creation as God breathed life into Adam. From that point forward every man (and woman and child) has breathed the fresh air of earth. Its our most vital natural resource as we cannot live without fresh air for more than just a few minutes. Try holding your breath and see how long you last before the demand for air overcomes you. While food and water may be crucial to our survival, the breath of life is most important.

Most of the most polluted cities in the world are located in Asia, mainly in China and India. Looking at the air quality in cities like Beijing or New Delhi on any given day and you’ll find it will be in the red or dangerous zone. Most days people, especially those will ongoing health issues, are told to avoid extended time outside and to avoid strenuous activities. People walk around city streets with masks covering their faces to avoid inhaling the toxic air. Most of these masks, however, are not designed to handle the pollutants in the air and are only offering a false sense of security.

For those of us living in most of the western world, the shocking sight of a city clouded in smog most of the day is difficult to understand. I’ve travelled to some of the larger North American cities, and while I was able to detect higher levels of pollution in some of them, for the most part the air quality was still relatively good. I have experienced poor air quality in relation to smoke from forest fires, especially in 2018 due to the fires in British Columbia, but that was short lived and didn’t affect me over the long term.

In fact, Western Canada, especially outside of the major cities, has some of the best air quality in the world. Take a trip through the prairies and smell the fresh grains growing, or into the Rocky Mountains and smell the beautiful pines or just the fresh mountain air. It certainly rejuvenates a person, and usually exhausts them at the same time. I’m proud to be a Canadian and boast about the natural fresh beauty that our country contains.

But, speaking of fresh air, I now hear that its possible to buy a little bit of Canada’s fresh air. Vitality Air was started after 2 friends placed a Ziploc bag of Canadian air on eBay as a joke. The bag eventually sold for $168!!!!!! Fresh air was obviously no joke! The company now sells fresh Banff or Lake Louise air for approximately $25.00 per can which contains about 160 one second blasts of air. Curiously though the company is located in Edmonton, Alberta which is quite a distance from either of those places. These guys are really on to something.

But before you scoff, lets take a look back in history at another product that seemed really bizarre at the time, but is now firmly entrenched in our society. In 1977 Perrier water, which was bottled in Europe was introduced to the North American market. It was expensive and really not a “popular” item. Other high end competitors soon followed like Evian (which is Naive spelt backwards). These waters didn’t really reach the masses though. Eventually around the mid 1980s though cheaper mass produced bottled water began to appear on grocery shelves and in soft drink machines. I was a 100% skeptic of this revolution and saw no future in the industry, but eventually I saw the value in a safe, clean, and chemical free bottle of water and I’ve never looked back. Most, if not all, of the water I consume now comes from a bottle or a water machine and not from a tap! Yes I understand the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles, but I do my best to recycle all of them.

So are we seeing the next big thing in the “clean” industry where bottled air will become commonplace, especially in the most polluted parts of our planet, or will we see this as a wake-up call and finally do the right thing and clean up the air quality. Sadly, only time will tell. But one thing I do know for sure, is that when God breathed the life into Adam, I don’t think even He foresaw the poor air that some people would end up breathing.

God Bless

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