Evolution Is The Answer?

If you do a quick search on Google, you will find that the earth is 4.543 billion years old. I’m not quite sure who counted, because I don’t believe any men were there when the earth was formed, but someone obviously did the math and that was the result. Now I’m not qualified to question science, because the only degrees that I understand are inside a thermometer, but I do know that science has made many mistakes in the past.

Doctors (who are basically scientists) once told their patients that smoking was good for them, or in the 60s they prescribed a drug called Thalidomide to prevent morning sickness, an that went really bad. And science told us that the Earth was the centre of the solar system, but we know that is wrong too. And so telling me the age of the earth is 4+ billion years old is just a little unrealistic for me.

So we’ll discount the age of the earth, but what about evolution? Science also tells me that my ancestors are monkeys. If you want my honest opinion, the scientists may be descendant from monkeys, but I’m certainly not! But in all seriousness, if man came from monkeys, why is it not still occurring, and where are the inbetween models or the missing links?

I’m not discounting science entirely, I believe that science has done some wonderful things, and some of the medical advances that have occurred have saved millions of people’s lives including my granddaughter who had life saving heart surgery at the tender age of 8 days old! But science can still make mistakes and I believe that evolution is huge and major mistake!

The Bible tells us “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The very first line of the Bible (Genesis 1:1) tells us how everything was created. And it continues through the six days of creation to create everything on the earth, from plants to animals to man! Created, not evolved! Creation is not some cosmic big bang accident, it was carefully planned and orchestrated by God!

But wait, you say, science can prove differently, but I say oh no, you wait and lets look a little further. Science talks about the “Goldilocks Zone” of planetary position in the solar system, not too close and not too far from the sun, but just right, and the earth falls into that zone, an accident? Or how about the correct amount of oxygen capable of supporting life at just under 21% and that is the level that our atmosphere holds, an accident? How about organs that match for perfect male/female reproduction, an accident? Or the many more unexplainable “accidents” that occurred to cause life to flourish on our planet!

And how about life itself. Science cannot explain how life began, just that it did after the “big bang”! And not only can science not explain how life began, they cannot recreate it! And that is easily explained because only God can create life! Let science prove me wrong!

The popular Christian view is that the earth is about 6000 years old, with the earth being created approximately 4000 years prior to the birth of Jesus which occurred just over 2000 years ago. So obviously there is a huge time difference between 4.5 billion years and 6000 years, but I believe it is somewhere in the middle. The Bible does list generations of people and that is how Christians determine the 6000 years, but there may be gaps in those generations and therefore the earth could be older. On top of that we have scientific evidence of creatures walking this earth that don’t exist anymore (dinosaurs), except in fossil records. Some Bible scholars attempted to explain the fossils by saying that God planted them to confuse people, but that argument has been ridiculed as it should’ve been.

Instead we must conclude that since dinosaurs roamed the earth and left their mark, that the earth must be be much older than Christians believe, and therefore the Bible is missing some key evidence. But that doesn’t mean it is wrong! What it means is that there is still information that we need to learn and understand, and when that time is right, it will be revealed to us.

Our perfect planet with perfect oxygen level, and at a perfect location from our sun, with creatures with perfectly matched reproductive organs to reproduce with is no cosmic accident. It was a well planned creative activity from one God who had a plan in mind to create a perfect world. Man allowed sin to destroy the perfect creation, and God set a redemption plan in place. Once the redemption plan is completed, we will then learn the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, but until then it is faith that guides us forward.

God Bless.


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