Judy’s Baptism

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On February 14th 2015 (Valentine’s Day), my wife Judy was baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Although I had been home from jail since November and had been doing Bible Studies with Pastor Ricardo Mena (our Pastor at the time), I was still not convinced and was a work in progress. But I had no issue with Judy’s choice.

While I was in jail, I’d originally met with one of the jail chaplains who was a Greek Orthadox Minister. I had no real connection to him, but he helped me start on my journey.  I was able to access the church library though him and also get a little counciling.  It wasn’t until August, however, when I had my first meeting with Pastor Troy Guderyan from the Spirit of Truth Adventist Church in Regina, SK that I began to understand what Judy was learning about.

Unbenownst to me, she had been attending the local Adventist Church for a number of years.  I wasn’t aware of this at all.  Judy had been raised a Catholic and we had attended United Church during our marriage, but for her to go off on her own to a “strange” church was completely out of character. Prior to going to jail, I’d met with Pastor Ricardo and a few members of the local Adventist Church at a health meeting, they seemed nice, but I didn’t really feel connected.

I’d told Judy she could attend the church, but to not support them, because I felt they were a cult, something that is really popular (and incorrect) in postings all over the internet. She did attend, and luckily for me she made some really good friendships and connections that helped us both.

While I was in jail she revealed to me that she was going to be baptized, and my only response was to wait.  Let me come home, and we could discuss it together.  I’d had my spiritual awakening and understood her thinking, but wanted to be able to share this opportunity together, if she went through with it.

By the time I returned home in November, I knew she was serious.  She’d taken Bible studies with the Pastor and was ready, it was just a matter of picking a date, and she decided on February 14th. The experience was emotional and enjoyable, and opened my eyes a little, but it took a little more convincing for me to make that choice.

Baptism is not an act to take without a lot of forethought, and it would be over a year before I’d come to the same conclusion.  You can read that part of my story here: Paul’s Baptism.


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