God’s Gifts – Day 19


What a wonderful gift from God!  I’ve written about forgiveness previously, but it is important to remember what a wonderful God we serve.  Not only is He prepared and ready to forgive your sins, from the day of the first sin back in the Garden of Eden, He has been working and preparing to forgive everyone’s sins.

In ancient times, prior to the birth of Christ, people used to sacrifice a lamb (usually but other animals were also sacrificed) to take away sin.  The lamb was only a symbol though and couldn’t actually cause the forgiveness of sin.  What it did signify though was the upcoming birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Lamb of God!  He can forgive your sins if you ask and believe in Him.

Ask God, though Jesus to forgive your sins and He will.  That is why Christ died, to take away all the sins of the world.  It is a wonderful gift there for the taking!

I cannot think of a greater gift than forgiveness, but there is one still to come, but until then, we’ll learn about Memories tomorrow.

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